You can login to your own website and make changes anytime you like. All you need is to install software called Microsoft Frontpage. You can either use versions 98, 2000, or 2002. You can purchase this software from any computer store. We recommend version 2000 or higher. After you install your software, we will email you your password to login.


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Microsoft Frontpage 2002 Help

Type in your address beside FOLDER NAME
Click OPEN
Type in your username and password information
You can then click on the FOLDERS icon

You are all set!

To create a page, just RIGHT click your mouse inside the area on the right. You will see options "New Page, New Folder" etc. Choose NEW PAGE and then name it anything you like .htm. Your main page will be "INDEX.htm"

To create a folder, do the same, but choose NEW FOLDER instead, and name it anything you like.

To edit a page, just double click the .htm page. Edit the page and when you are happy with changes, click SAVE.



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