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   We can take your VHS tapes or DVDs, convert them to Real Video clips, and add them to your website. Sometimes it's just not easy to view real estate and merchandise online with only standard photos.

   With video clips, you can video tape the house or product you are selling, and customers would be able to instantly see what you have to offer. Having video clips on your page is just like having your own commercial online 24 hours a day!

   You will need the Real Player to view the videos if you don't already have it.

  Click here to watch Mell's Auto Glass's commercial

  Click here to watch Eastgate Pool's commercial

Flash Animation

   We are also able to create amazing Flash animation clips to your website. These are very small files which are like animated slide shows. They work very well since they load almost instantly, even on slow computers. You can see examples of these animated Flash introductions at,, and


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